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Flash Projects I have done

As you have seen the intro to this web site was done in FLASH.

The Following Links below will bring up the Flash work please make sure you have the latest Flash player.



 This was my first FLASH work. It took me a few days to get it to work as I look at it now i feel I could have scaled down the pics and adjusted the music better,at that time i was useing Windows 98' and on dial up and useing Photoshop 6.0 for the pics. I made this for an AOL online role playing game. The players could play any X-MEN charactor or create one of there own.

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 The following is a FLASH project that was comisioned from a day camp for an ad that will be seen in newer movie theaters as a 15 second slide. This is the second slide I have done the first was from a reasturant in Brooklyn,NY and I will put it up on this site as soon as possiable.

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