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Web sites I have Worked on.



This was the first web site I consulted on and is worth a look around. If your into the Goth/Industrial scene this site has a swell of resources and listing of every venu that caters to the scene.



The Over Kill Nation

This is a fan site that I made 4 years ago for the band Over Kill it is still up and I update it as often as I can. This site contains pictures of recent concerts,album reviews and a link page to other fan sites. The intro page was done in Flash.


The 54th WildCards

This site was made for an online gaming group for EA Games'® WWII game Medal of Honor:Allied Assault,SpearheaD and BreakthrougH.This site contains everything a new recrut will need to join in the fight against other members and players online. Once again I try to update this site as much as possible. The intro page was done in Flash.



 CT Family

This is the offical street team/fan site for the local band Camptangle.

The intro was done in flash. When I made this site I had no intension for it to be a offical fan site. But the band loved it and begged me to keep it up and running so I did. I am in the process of makeing some downloadable extras for the band and for the site.



The Feared Ones

This is a site a made for a cliant on Feb. 06 for his online gaming group wich I am constantly updating as his group grows. I am also Admin,Moderator for the forums and sig maker.The intro was made with Flash and keeping with the Star Wars theme I choose a remix of the Star Wars soundtrack,wich I used Sony Sound Forge 7.0.